Lil Boosie’s Daughter Comes Out And The Internet Thinks It’s Karma

Lil Boosie BadAzz

Boosie’s daughter has come out madly in love with a woman. What will Mr. BadAzz say?

The internet is a beast! Everybody has something to say. And people like Boosie have something to say all the time.

Boosie has been criticized for taking a stance against the gay community and his specific comments about Dwayne Wade’s transgender daughter Zaya has caused folks to write him off. Now it seems as though his 21-year old daughter Poison Ivi has come out the closet with a woman. And, they seem to be madly in love! From what I understand, her being gay is not a shocker or a surprise to those in the know. It is for me though. Either way, I couldn’t care less – love who you want. And I don’t think most people would care either but, since Mr. BadAzz has had such a strong opinion on LGBTQ+ life, it’s become a headline.

On top of that, he has openly opined to the point where both Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have clapped back at him. Gabby even suggested HE was gay. Anyway, the Internet called for people to go back and rub it in his face since he was so critical of Lil Nas X and others. Boosie also has commented that he would never attend his daughters wedding, if she were to marry a lesbian woman. The irony is crazy!

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I cannot wait for him to say something! This is entertaining!