Lil B’s Life Saved By 15-Year Old

Lil B almost died…see how!

We almost lost the Based God.

Lil B has a lot to be thankful for after a 15-year old neighbor alerted the rapper of a fire that nearly killed the rapper.

Mateo Ysmael, 15, saw the flames engulf a Bay-area duplex and alerted the rapper of the potentially fatal danger right after he saved his stepmother, siblings and pets.

The fire eventually caused over $350,000 in estimated damages.

Lil B was reportedly sleep as the fire overtook the property. “I’ve got to thank the Contra Costa Fire folks for doing such an amazing job keeping it contained,” Lil B told The Contra Costa Times. “They were extraordinary. It could’ve been so much worse than it was. Like I said, I’m grateful to be alive.”

The blaze was likely sparked by an electrical malfunction on Thursday.