Lil Durk Changes His Religion!

Lil Durk

You can hear it here from illseed: Lil Durk is now Muslim.

Lil Durk has been making a lot of changes in his life. I don’t wanna get too deep into the weeds with it, but a number of events happened around him which probably prompted a change in lifestyle.

One of the most notable things was the death of King Von. AnyWhoo, fast track to right now. Lil Durk is now apparently converted his religion to Muslim. This comes as a surprise to me, but those that I know nearby the Chicago rapper are not shocked.

At any rate, this is what is going down. And by the way I am hearing he is extremely serious about this conversion. We all know that late last year Dirk and his now fiancé got engaged. In front of millions! So, I would assume that this conversion happened before he got engaged and also includes his wife to be.

I find that very encouraging!

I also find it very intriguing because I want to see how things change around Dirk. How does his music change? I am not sure, but this puts him in an interesting position. His Fanbase is certainly not necessarily tapped in with the Muslim community. Also, the Muslim community represents something much larger than music. So, I wonder if he is networking with new people? Will he do a song with Jay Electronica? I have so many questions!

At any rate, you can hear it here first. Lil Durk is now Muslim.

By the way, I do not know what his religious beliefs were before!

Lets gooooooooooo

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