Lil Pump Blasts Eminem For No Reason We Can See

Lil Pump makes another stab at relevance by calling out Eminem seemingly…outta nowhere.

Well,RIP Lil Pump. If supporting a racist, sexist, xenophobic supremacist with rapist tendencies wasn’t bad enough. Lil Pump randomly decides to diss one of the champions of rap music. Now, we aren’t all there for Eminem until he comes forward and explains those bars for Snoop Dogg, a god of the culture no matter what he does. So, we not fully rolling with Em right now, but the boy Lil Pump needs to pump his breaks. First, you trash. Secondly, you a punk. Thirdly, nobody cares about you aside from about one song.

So, he decided to do that which would make people talk about him: dis somebody we care about. “Aye, f#ck Eminem. You is lame as hell. Ain’t nobody listening to your old a$$. You lame as f#ck, b#tch,” Pumpy said.

It has to be a bit sad to have almost zero F## given for you and the only way to make people look is to call somebody else’s name out.

That’s what he has done recently. He evoked the name of Michael Jackson recently, saying he was the new MJ. This fool ain’t even the new Eminem. He must be doing some serious drugs to be calling himself anything related to Eminem. The only relation he way have to Eminem is drugs. Em has been sober for quite some time, but he helped popularize that pill-pop-hip-hop style. Clearly, Pump is still using.