Lil Reese Comments On Lul Timm Getting Out

Lil Reese

Lil Reese shows everybody he got his voice back.

First of all, I did not know that Lil Reese could even talk. Not trying to be funny, but he got shot in the neck and I just thought he was no longer able to use his voice. I think he was not able to speak for a long time, but I kind of stopped looking. At any rate, he’s talking now.

Lul Timm is the accused murderer of King Von in Atlanta. What should have been a fair fight turned into a homicide. At the time, it just seems unfathomable. And then it happened. Lul Timm is not going down without a legal fight. So, he managed to get out on the town and..celebrate!

King Von’s Alleged Killer Lul Timm Celebrates After Being Released From Jail

Everybody was not partying. Not Lil Reese.

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Durk seems to be making a veiled threat to the boy. I honestly don’t know all the slang, but they are going to roll him up and smoke him.

Meanwhile, Quando Rondo and them are basically chillin….not cool. King Von is dead. They should have squared up and lived.