Rumors & Tidbits: Lil Reese, Remy Ma, Big Sean & Jhene Aiko!

There are quite a few rumors out here! And some that are not rumors at all.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let’s get started with something that is not even a rumor. Lil Reese finally let us see what we were looking to see all along! That neck wound of his! I knew he was going to do it at some point, because he was making a point to hide it! What am I waiting for? Here ya go!

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By the way, Lil Reese said that Vlad would have to pay him $1 million to get an interview and the Russian responded with a resounding no… To be specific, he said he wouldn’t pay “1% of 1 million.” That’s pretty bold talk from a “journalist.” But I guess he can do that now that he is one of the premier dudes out there interviewing people. I really don’t think Reese is that compelling either. Maybe for an interview, but a milli? NAH.


I had to do it! Remy Ma is going to be a grandma! I don’t know exactly why, but the internet is really into this. Remy Ma has a 19-year old son that has gotten his girlfriend pregnant. That is about the size of it. I don’t know why this is a “thing,” but I think it is because Rem ain’t yet 40. 

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Nothing to see here, folks! Just a family celebrating.


Bout time. Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are back! While there is no official word, there are pictures of the pair in intimate positions online. We know last week they dropped a song, “None of Your Concern,” where he was bragging about their sex, some facts I could have done without. But the song was pretty personal and also indicative that there were back together. According to TMZ, they were seen in Malibu over the weekend at Geoffrey’s, a swanky restaurant. in the pics, she is in his lap and they overlooking the ocean.