We Know Why Lil Reese Was Shot…MONEY!

Lil Reese may have violated a big time rule as it relates to street rappers!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Reese didn’t quite dodge a bullet when one of those deadly lil’ guys found their mark in his neck. Thankfully, Lil Reese didn’t die when that bullet struck him and he was released back into the wild. But we really didn’t quite realize why he was shot and nearly murdered. We have our suspicions know. 

Apparently, an unnamed rapper paid Lil Reese $20,000 for a verse (WOW!), but the Chicago rapper allegedly did not send his Pro Tools session back! Well, we now live in a world where people are being stabbed over Popeye’s chicken sandwiches. We know they are not going to have a problem with firing 12 rounds at you over $20K! Like the Feds and AR-AB, the alleged attempted murderer-slash-rapper, he looked at Reese’s social media to locate him. And when he found out…

BRO…I would not want to be a part of ANY of this! I am scared to even THINK about crossing somebody from the streets I owe 20 Long! Salute all of them for being soldiers. I am not sure how hard it is for Lil Reese to rap, but for a few Buck – like $2-$3 grand – I will write a verse for him! Just Pay Pal me! Anyway!

I hope this supposed rapper that paid that money gets what he needs – money back or a verse! As long as it ain’t a body named Lil Reese! 

The biggest question is: WHO IS THE RAPPER?