Lil Reese Was Not Shot

Lil Reese

Lil Reese was rumored to be shot, but it looks like the faux rap media got it wrong again.

There was a powerful rumor that Chicago drill rap legend Lil Reese was shot six times. It was like a wave across the internet. But, before I could even get to it, it was squashed! Within an hour or so, there were several posts and reports shooting it down. No pun intended. Shout out to Lil Reese for being alive and well.

Lil Reese’s sister stepped up and squashed the rumors! You can tell she did not want any parts of the trash in circulation.

“Before y’all keep dm me and steady calling and texting me it’s nothing wrong with my brother that sh#t so old ppl just weird as hell out here!!! But y’all heard it from me he’s good at home with his feet up now I’m back off this sh#t!!!”

Of course, the internet had the jokes.

Shout out to all the POS fake blogs and media that posted he was dead or shot without a shred of evidence.