Lil Snupe’s Dad Is Mad At Meek Mill!

Meek Mill

Lil Snupe’s dad is mad at Meek, but should he?

You I am a bit mystified by this situation with Meek Mill and Lil Snupe’s dad. Apparently, the father is upset at the state of the gravesite.

According to the Internet, Ll Snupe’s dad was in jail for 20 years and just got out. And one of the first orders of business for him was to go and visit his son‘s grave. Well, he was not happy as he walked with a bouquet of flowers, to lay on his son’s final resting place. He saw a dilapidated gravesite, that didn’t seem to have a headstone. He immediately begins to get angry and quiz a friend about Meek Mill’s relationship with his son. He says that Meek was wearing a Lil Snupe pendant as soon as 2020. And I guess, in his mind, that warrants something on the gravesite.

Not sure I am feeling Snupe Dad on this one. I think he. should continue to mourn and get his life together. If he did 20 in a box, he’s got a lot of work to do.