Lil’ Uzi Vert Finally Catches His Hacker!


Uh oh. Apparently Lil’ Uzi Vert finally caught up to his hacker that has been leaking a lot of his music. Lil’ Uzi Vert posted a video checking the hacker with a caption that read,

“Everybody this is a A lil nerd hacker I found him cause he sold a leak song to somebody IN MY CITY. He said I hacked your Instagram cause you aint never [respond to] me when I tried to contact you. some ole super fan sh*t. I mean thank you but no thanks. Went through his phone had my sh*t and a lot of other RAPPERS info. Dis sh*t was crazy. Oh yea he ratted on the rest of yall. I’m coming for ya. Oh yea and he be letting these lame ass nobody’s have all yall’s verses. On yall too. I know everybody he did business with. Haters be all around. I finna be all around too. Don’t send music through GMAIL get a drive.”

Dang Uzi checked him like a child. That is some savage and foul shhhhh to do to a person though. The hackers… the scammers… just don’t care! How would you have handled it?

lil uzi vert