Lil' Wayne Denies Buying Mystery Woman Diamond Ring


Photo via Lil’ Wayne’s Instagram

Rumor has it that Lil’ Wayne bought one of his alleged side chicks @ErikaFBaby a diamond ring. Erika seems to suggest that she’s pretty much in love with Wayne, and Wayne is returning the love as she shared some “exclusive” pics. The pics she posted suggested that Lil’ Wayne bought her a diamond ring and other jewelry items. The two have allegedly known each other for 10 years. As quick as the rumor and pictures surfaced, Lil’ Wayne took to his Twitter to say,

“I don’t send rings thru the mail people I’m much more romantic than that stop it.”

Erika has seemed to provide some proof that a ring actually was sent to her by what appears to be Lil’ Wayne’s assistant. Rumor has it that Erika doesn’t mind being one of Lil’ Wayne’s chicks either. Allegedly she’s content with him showering her with gifts, and she’s not worried about the other women in his life. All we know is someone is lying about this diamond ring.