Lil Wayne Fans Wonder If Rapper’s On Drugs Following Skip Bayless Promo

Lil Wayne

Check out the photo and decide for yourselves if there’s any substance to this comparison.

Concerned Lil Wayne fans have started comparing the New Orleans native’s appearance to his Atlanta rap counterpart Future following a recent photo-op with well-known sports broadcaster Skip Bayless.

The entire discourse started after Bayless shared a photo of himself and Lil Wayne on Twitter (X) in order to tease some sort of content he and Weezy recorded.

“Wayne and I this afternoon at his house,” Bayless wrote in part before adding, “Great 3-hour convo about Luka, Ant Man, Caitlin, Wayne’s short-lived baseball career, a commercial he made with LeBron … and aliens. #Blessed.”

With the snapshot garnering well over four million views on the platform, it didn’t take long before Lil Wayne’s fans caught wind of the photo and began reacting. Along with remarks about Wayne’s appearance, a discussion comparing Weezy and Future developed after a user made a point about their age.

“Wayne & Future being the same age kinda shows you who the real drug addict is,” user @ZBankEnt wrote.

From there, the levees were broken, and the Future and Lil Wayne comparisons flooded the timeline as users quoted the remark with retorts of their own such as, “Future admitted that he wasn’t doing all the drugs he rapped about so there’s that” and “Wayne needs some help man.”

In another tweet in the thread a user joked “That black definitely cracked,” while another user added, “Codeine is a hell of a drug.”

What do you think? Does Lil Wayne really look that bad? Or does Future just look that much better than him? To be fair, Wayne is technically 41 while Future is 40.

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