Lil Wayne Said His Mom Pushed Him To Have A Baby At 14!

Lil Wayne had a baby for his mother that was lonely. He explained it in a recent ceremony were he was being honored.

Shout out to Lil Wayne. That man has been through a lot. And, the abuse and troubles he endured continues to unravel before us. Last night he was honored by the Black Music Collective. But people are really talking about a portion of his speech. He explained that his mom was so lonely in life that she urged him to have a baby as the young age of 14.

“When I came home she said ‘Son, I can’t live in this house by myself. We’re gonna have to figure something out.’ I’d like to thank Antonia Johnson,” the mother of Tunechi’s first daughter Reginae for reasoning with me and my mom, and my life. I’d like to thank every single one of my kids and every single one of their mothers.”

Lil Wayne is a very different person than many moons ago. He was in LA to get the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award from the Recording Academy’s Black Music Collective. Very cool.

Check out part of the speech:

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