Lil Yachty Could Have Died In Car Accident!

Lil Yachty survived a bad accident, but his expensive car was not so lucky.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Lil Yachty is lucky to be alive. The rapper was involved in a terrible car accident in Atlanta. Well, Monday, June 22 his Ferrari hit a slick spot on and Atlanta freeway and it caused it to hydroplane. The 22-year-old only managed to suffer minor injuries from the accident but he could have easily died. According to TMZ, a response team hit the scene to save The rapper from near death. While The Rapper was not killed in the accident, he could’ve been. The Ferrari that he was driving actually was killed because it looked like it was completely totaled by pictures The Rapper posted on his Instagram. Let’s just say: I am glad that Lil Yachty is still with us and not dead.