Lira Galore Blames Split With Rick Ross On Naked Photo With Meek Mill


Photo via Lira Galore’s Instagram

There have been rumors that Rick Ross and Lira Galore had broken up once again, and Lira has finally confirmed this. Rick Ross has been spotted with a million women the last month, and many are claiming to be the official girl, others are just confirming that they are on the roster. The reason Lira says her and Ross split is interesting.

According to Lira, she feels like she wasn’t fully prepared for the lifestyle that comes with dating a rapper or someone in the spotlight. In her interview with Global Grind she revealed that she believes her and Ross broke up initially because he couldn’t handle people digging up her tweets to the rest of MMG and tagging him in the photo of her nearly naked with Meek Mill. She says everyone kept posting the photo of her and Meek, and she felt like as a man, Ross couldn’t handle it. To Lira the picture was nothing, and it was from her stripper days. She says she’s still in love with Rick Ross, but they decided to go their separate ways. She says when dating a rapper you have to be strong and not care about some things, but care at the same time. Hmmm maybe she is referring to Ross’ alleged cheating. We honestly didn’t think they would last.