Rumors & Tidbits: Is Future A Deadbeat? Lizzo Stealing? Kanye Drama!

Future has a problem with his recent new baby mama and she’s monetizing her opinion of him.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have lost count with all this kids that dude Future has. He might be the lord of the new Trap, but he’s not the master of his domain when it comes to using condoms. Eliza Reign is the most recent women to allege that Future has put a baby in her body! She has filed a lawsuit as such too. Most recently, Eliza has begun to promote these t-shirts that say 1 (800) Deadbeat. This is a phrase that she used after somebody asked her for the Atlanta rapper’s digits. I hope they get it together because they have a 6 month old daughter, appropriately named Reign.

Future may have just been a victim to the booty! 


Kanye West has been openly supportive of Donald Trump for YEARS. I am not sure what people think of this, but what you ain’t ’bout to do is act like this is new. This bozo is running around doing mock church services and people are falling for this dumb mess? Well, I have something to say to Mr. Pastor Jamal Bryant. BROTHER MAN, YOU KNEW! Last month Kanye West gave a large sum of money to Bryant’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta after doing a “Sunday Service” there. Now, the brother minister wants to give it back the money…why? Because Kanye West has continued to support Donald Trump? REALLLLLLLY? The good side of this is that he didn’t give it back, the pastor took the bread and sent it to Morris Brown College.

LIZZO Stands Accused AGAIN!

Right now, everybody loves Lizzo! She’s the flute-playing, rapping, singing and dancing phenomenal woman that has taken over! She’s 100% that chick. But there’s always another side to being that big, that fast…backlash. 

A few folks have come up and complained that Lizzo has stolen lyrics or phrases from them. The latest is CeCe Penniston…the 90’s diva and dance queen!  There is a particiular ad lib that CeCe is definitely known for and Lizzo may be using it. CeCe says there are parts of her 1992 hit song “Finally” in Lizzo’s mega song “Juice.” I listened and there are some similarities, but I am not sure if stealing is the right word. I think CeCe has not seen that light in a very long time and…may need a way in.