Sources: LL COOL J Is About To Drop His Greatest Album Ever

Ll Cool J

Just got word from a reliable source: LL Cool J is dropping his greatest album ever this year! 🎤🔥 This is HUGE considering his legendary career. Read The Rumor!

I recently talked to a source, who shared some exciting information about LL COOL J. First things first: LL COOL J is one of the original Hip-Hop G.O.A.T.s. Despite the time that’s passed since his debut, some things just don’t change.

Here’s the rumor: my source says LL COOL J will release his greatest album ever this year. Knowing LL COOL J’s legacy, this is a bold statement considering his numerous great albums and incredible bodies of work. To claim that this new album, made while he’s in his 50s, will be his best yet is huge. What’s more, he’s collaborating with another legend—Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest.

LL COOL J Promises New Album In The Fall: “It’s Go Time”

Q-Tip has been focusing on his personal life and hasn’t been at the forefront of the music industry recently. However, my source insists that this collaboration will be a landmark and truly represent a paradigm shift in classic Hip-Hop. This project could also shift the perception of older artists, proving they can still produce groundbreaking work.

I am excited for LL COOL J, Q-Tip and everyone involved in this project. I believe my source when they say this album will be a classic. The big question is: are people ready for it?

Here’s a bonus tip that I cannot say more about, but Q-Tip is working with a legendary artist from the South on new music. Guess who!?!