Lloyd Banks Replies To Rick Ross’ Offer To Buy His Name!

Lloyd Banks says he is not here for Rick Ross’ circus!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rick Ross is being petty and taking shots at Lloyd Banks on social media, after his most recent victory against 50 Cent.

Rick Ross recently won a lawsuit filed by 50 Cent, who was p##### that his nemesis had the nerve to rap over his biggest hit “In Da Club,” just to hawk his album, Black Market.

Lloyd Banks was a part of G-Unit and he took shots at Ross in 2009 on the track “Officer Down.”

Rozay took to social media to slick talk:

“You know, we discussing Lloyd Banks right now. One of my homies said he never really stopped being a Lloyd Banks fan. So, I said ‘Look…once I came up with a dope title for Lloyd Banks’ next LP or EP … ‘Victim of Circumstance.’”


The Maybach Music mogul continued: “Banks, you still got some money? Show us what you livin’ like…if you ain’t got no money, I’ll give you five grand for the Banks name. That might be one of my aliases — Dank Sinatra.”

How did the Punchline King respond? Like he always does … above the drama and focused on his peace.

“I’ll NEVER join the circus, so don’t expect it from me,” he wrote. “peace & love.”