LOL! T.I. Goes In On Georgia Tupac Statue!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Tupac is rolling over in his grave.

As a photo of a Tupac Shakur statue in Stone Mountain, Georgia [outside of Atlanta] surfaced, Georgia Tupac fans, and Pac fans beyond cried outrage!

The statue looks nothing like Tupac. In fact it looks like everyone but Tupac.

T.I. was one of the Pac fans who was definitely upset. He claims that Tupac himself would tear the statue down!

“What the f-ck is this. Dis supposed to be Pac. This ain’t no got damn Tupac. Man please. It look like 2Paul, it looks like two n-ggas named Paul mixed together. Man what the hell. Pac died when he was 25, that n-gga look 63 at least. Nah cuz, nah holmes yall aint gonna do my dog like that. Look at his posture, Pac ain’t never walked like this. Man what the f-ck. That ain’t no got d-mn Tupac. That’s some bulls-t. We gotta get it changed. Yall find out what it take to get this statue changed. The face… the wardrobe aint right. Naw we need to change it. I don’t like it at all. I’m willing to make myself available and donate resources to changing it,” said Tip.

His friends and family even chimed in saying that they needed to do a “Change Pac Statue” benefit concert. Hilarious! They did Pac so dirty lol.

Aight Tip where can we do this event to raise money for the Pac statue since Scales is no more? 🙁