It Looks Like Charlie Sheen Has Had A Change Of Heart About Rihanna!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Shoot your shot Charlie!

As you know the HIV-positive, mess-of-an-actor, Charlie Sheen dissed Bad Gal Rihanna not only back in 2014 but also recently when he stopped by ‘Watch What Happens Live’.

Sheen seems to have recently had a change of heart about RiRi and is extending an olive branch to the singer.

After being dragged to hell and back once again by Rihanna’s loyal fan base, The Navy, Sheen took to Twitter to express his regret of calling Rihanna a b-tch on national television.

“dear @badgalriri, pardon my inane self indulgence. let’s have a drink someday (on me),” the actor tweeted.

Sheen posted his “apology” with a photo of Rihanna rocking a pink wig, reminiscent of their 2014 Sheen-sparked feud where he insulted Ri’s pink hair.

Their original beef stemmed from Sheen going on a rant on Twitter about Rihanna allegedly refusing to come over and meet his girlfriend when they once dined at the same LA restaurant.

After calling her a b-tch he also stated,

“She abandoned common courtesy and common sense!”

It looks like wild man Sheen put down the drugs for a day. Good for him!

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