Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan Come Forth With Their Relationship!

MBJ got a gal! Lori Harvey got her man!

What is in these girls vaginas?! Lori Harvey has managed to bag Michael B. Jordan. The star of “Creed” and the “Black Panther” has been nabbed by Diddy and Future’s ex girlfriend.  I don’t know how it works in the Hollywood zone but this is a startling revelation to everyone I know.

Just the other day, it seem like Lori Harvey was locked in with mogul Diddy and rapper Future and that she was scarred for life. I jest! But Future seems to be the middleman to relationship success because Ciara started with him and went on to marry Russell Wilson and now Lori has found similar success with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Diddy has catapulted a few great relationships too! Ask Cassie! MBJ just has to put a ring on it!  I am here for it!

Future is a mess! I don’t even write about half the things I see about him swirling around the rumors. He continues to have issues with his baby moms, but he’s a Trap God!

I just hope that there’s not some sort of curse surrounding Lori Harvey! That would derail Michael B. Jordan’s opportunities, like resurrecting Killmonger in the next Black Panther movie! All in all, this does not bother me too much and based on the Instagram post he made announcing it, people like it too.

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