Man Claims That Roscoe Dash Has A New Interesting Job!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I honestly think folks are so mean to each other for no reason. I mean if you look at social media and the hateful comments you would think that the majority of people can’t wait to clown someone once they have a downfall or face a hardship. SMH.

Sh-t happens, and people fall on hard times. There are times the checks stop coming in.

Anyway. Lawd! A pretty disgruntled Lyft user decided to take to Twitter in an attempt to blast his Lyft driver who he believed to be rapper Roscoe Dash.

Apparently the Lyft customer was upset that “Roscoe” cancelled his Lyft ride, as he “had somewhere to go”, thus inconveniencing him and forcing him to have to order another Lyft ride.

“This n-gga rosoce dash canceled my lyft and I had some where to be! so you just for inconvenience me, Ima expose you a lyft driver now,” the man wrote.

The man also attached a screenshot of his Lyft route to the tweet with an image of a man named Jeffery who drives a Chevy Tahoe, and who obviously looked just like Roscoe. Oh yea and Roscoe’s real name is Jeffrey Lee Johnson Jr.

I mean if it is Dash, we can’t knock the hustle, but folks weren’t too kind on social media as they cracked jokes on him and accused him of falling from his short-lived fame.

A rep for Dash has since cleared the air by saying that Dash does own the car, but he doesn’t drive for Lyft. The rep claims that Dash rents out his vehicles to help those close to him, and he doesn’t believe folks should knock people who are trying to make honest livings to take care of their families.

Roscoe’s rep also told XXL that Dash said,

“So, having said all that, I say this. I am not going to respond with negativity. WE as humans are above that. Instead, I choose to respond with positivity. I have decided to take this opportunity to open the lines of communication and reach out to the gentleman who Tweeted about me yesterday evening. My team and I want to offer him a ride to make up for the cancelled ride of which I think he wanted to happen very badly. I still won’t be driving (sorry Twitter haters, the allegation is simply untrue), but I WILL be in the car. I will also sit in on random rides provided by Lyft playing songs off of my upcoming album and meeting with fans throughout the course of this weekend. It’s important to take the high road, no matter the situation. Rather than choosing negativity, I CHOOSE MUSIC!”

Hey, Lyft and Uber don’t seem like bad jobs for creatives that don’t want to work 9-5’s as they appreciate their flexibility. What are your thoughts?

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Let’s remember the better times.

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