Man Claims He Helped Pop Smoke Get Murdered; Peak Self Incrimination

Is this a case of clout chasing or have we reached the epitome of stupidity?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I think social media is evil and I think it brings the worst of out of people. What next? Yes, we are in the age were people really do show exactly how stupid they are. 

A young man has said that he gave out the address to the people that went forth and killed Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke, while he was residing in the Hollywood Hills. Now, this dude may be trolling but let’s talk about this a bit more.  We know now that Pop Smoke and his best friend Mike Dee posted the EXACT location they were staying in the Hollywood Hills. This is now common knowledge; 

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This person – who we have removed his face and IG handle – is seemingly trying to absolve himself of any part in the murder of the rapper. He must not know that he’s done just the opposite! He’s just made himself an accessory to the murder if he isn’t trolling/clout chasing. Even if he is clout chasing, he could be charged with a crime, because he would be interfering with an ongoing investigation. Either way, this dude is a straight BOZO!

One thing that is notable the guy’s account is not new and goes back to 2013. So, this is likely a real person that is doing this. I believe he will be a target in some form or fashion. I hope he didn’t make a fatal mistake, but if he is out West, he shouldn’t experience too much turbulence. I am not sure how people feel about Pop Smoke out West, but it certainly is not on the level of Brooklyn, which is mourning heavy.