Man Says He Produced “Gin & Juice” And Daz Dillinger Backs Him Up!

One of Hip-Hop’s most beloved hits may not have been produced by Dr. Dre, according to a couple key people.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let us put this in perspective. Some are going to say I am caping for Dr. Dre and maybe I am. But I am going to say it anyway. First of all, if you know the state of Death Row in the 90’s, it is very clear that Dr. Dre was under the gun and thumb of one Suge Knight. Remember, Snoop’s album dropped after a lot of beef and violence with Ruthless Records and Eazy-E and also after The Chronic (Dre’s first album) had hit the streets hard. Now, if you look closely Dr. Dre only truly did TWO full albums on Death Row Records – these two!

So, this brother Emmanuel Dean was an in-house producer/ keyboardist for Death Row and his credentials are authentic. So, before I continue, read this:

Well, he’s telling the full truth. 

I think Dr. Dre was under duress to such a degree that he was unable to do anything for this brother. And he admitted to Brother Dean that he put in that work but never got the credit. I honestly look at that as a sign of the times – 1991! You know how many people were getting screwed and jerked in ’91? EVERYBODY! And Death Row was one of the most corrupt, empowered organizations ever and they were infused with energy by Interscope Records. Dre would depart Death Row soon after this to start another label and great success! 

Anyway, there is a sad side to this story that I realized as I was writing this. Brother Emmanuel Dean passed away this year! I am not saying he wasn’t done wrong. I am saying he was an unfortunate symbol of a period in time when people were getting “raped” left and right with “no Vaseline” to quote Ice Cube.  

He also made this:

This is the beauty of the internet – we can salute and make right (to some degree) what was wrong back in the day. 

Here is another video of Daz and Brother Dean.

Can’t nothing take away his legacy.