Man Threatens To Harm R. Kelly Over Teenage Daughter


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like the King of R&B is back in trouble with the teens.

It’s no disputing that R. Kelly is one of the best to do it musically, however sexual allegations of misconduct with teenagers have plagued him for most of his career.

It has also been rumored for sometime that Kellz allegedly has a harem of women.

Apparently one of the “harem members” is a 19-year-old whose father wants her back in his home immediately.

The father says he gave R. Kelly 120 hours to get back in touch with him, but apparently he’s taking that offer back and threatening to harm the singer if Kellz doesn’t reach out immediately.

The man blasts Kellz as he was supposed to help his daughter with her music, but has apparently failed to do so.

The father calls R. Kelly a “b-tch a-s n-gga” and asks Kellz to “come f-ck with him”.

The message on the video says,

“Our daughter was introduced to Robert Kelly, when she was in her late teens. He was to help her musically with her songs titled, Don’t Hold Back, Mimosa, etc.”

Before laughing at the video, it’s intro, and the threats, fans immediately went in on the man wondering why he would let his teenage daughter go anywhere with R. Kelly.

It looks like R. Kelly has some explaining to do!