Man Who Started Rihanna Drug Accusations Now Wants To Sue


Photo via Rihanna’s Instagram

People are something else. They do something crazy and when the heat turns on them they want to cry victim! Recently Eric Simmons took to his Instagram to repost a video of Rihanna partying with her friends using some kind of substance. He posted the caption, “Rihanna snort coke now”. The Rihanna Navy didn’t appreciate this and dug up all types of criminal activity on him and even posted his address online. They also reported him to the local police. Rihanna threatened to sue after he posted the video and comment, and now he is trying to sue because the Navy called him a sex offender. He says blog sites and fans as well as Rihanna want to cyber bully him and slander his name. He claims the accusations that were made are false and exaggerated.

We don’t feel sorry for him he was the first one to try to slander someone!

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