Mariah Goes Nuts and Destroy’s Fiance’s Laptop During Freakout Over Beyonce


Mariah Carey recently had an epic meltdown and this time it had nothing to do with her ex, Nick Cannon.

Apparently, Mariah is not a big fan of Beyoncé.

People connected to the singer said that she freaked out on her fiancé, James Packer, after he attempted to play “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé during a romantic moment.

Mariah got so heated, she took his laptop and threw it out of the window, completely destroying it.

Then she ran out of the room screaming.

Mariah Carey Debuts Very First DJ Set at 1 Oak Nightclub inside Mirage Hotel & Casino Featuring: Mariah Carey Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 25 Jun 2016 Credit: DJDM/
Mariah Carey shows her ass!
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