Martin Shkreli Claps Back At Ghostface Killah


Ghostface Killah recently let it be known that he was not too happy about pharmaceutical CEO-turned-villain Martin Shkreli’s purchase of Wu-Tang’s secret album ‘Once Upon A Time in Shaolin.’ Wu-Tang fans weren’t pleased about it either. When asked about Shkreli purchasing the album, Ghost said,

“Yeah, that sh*thead bought it; f*ck him…. You don’t take an A.I.D.S. pill that you have for – what, I guess $7 – and then like make it $800… I don’t care if you bought the Wu-Tang album.”

Ghostface’s biggest beef with Shkreli stems from him believing all of Shkreli’s actions are opportunistic. Like RZA, Ghostface believes the album should be made accessible to the public for public consumption. Shkreli had a clap back of his own as he tweeted,

“Ghost mad that Shaolin outsold his last five albums… dudes a non-profit rapper. Calls himself ironman, but sounds rusty AF @GhostfaceKillah.”

What are your thoughts?