Woman Accuses Math Hoffa Of Rape, Battle Rapper Responds

This is crazy! Math Hoffa stands accused of rape, but what is really going on?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Math Hoffa is one of the most acclaimed rappers that hails from the battle rap set. He’s a bit on the infamous side for punching Serius Jones out in front of a live audience. Well, that drama is extremely light compared to what is going on now. Last night, my friend hit me and told me that it looked like Math was going to cry on YouTube over rape allegations. Wait, RAPE?! 

Yeah, a woman has accused the rapper of rape and is very public about it. A woman named Queen KeeKee said the following:


THIS IS THE REASON I STOPPED GOING TO BATTLES!!!! He took the joy out of it from me. He is the reason my life is completely altered FOREVER
Yes you read it RIGHT this DH ↪️ @Math Hoffa ↩️ violated me!!! Someone I trusted supposed to be a “friend” I spoke on some of it in my previous post / IGTV and it took EVERYTHING in me to share with the world. If this is your guy GO talk to him and ask him WHY he did it & why he did not get OFF me?
I did the RIGHT thing! I went through the WHOLE process hospital rape kit, police, detectives, the DA and the Judicial system FAILED me y’all like horribly. (I wonder if I was white how this would have played out) I never asked or consented. I was CELIBATE too and this really broke my heart. Even with him ON tape apologizing, saying he heard me saying STOP and he did not, admitted to choking me (unconscious), even was holding me against my will and so more stuff. This sound like a HORROR story however it is my REAL life! I demand JUSTICE from him & the judicial system!!!!!!!! He apologizing on AUDIO sooo this is literally BEYOND me!!!!
I am sharing this for a few reasons.
1. To get justice and have this individual PROSECUTED & this System!!! They just be throwing out rape cases to y’all research
2. To EMPOWER others to speak up against their attackers.
3. To create a NON-PROFIT that supports people who dealt/dealing with TRAUMAS such as RAPE.
Healing & Building @ the same time We can do this!
Follow @JusticeForQueenKeeKee for all info / updates and email JusticeForQueenKeeKee@gmail.com
to SUPPORT in any way especially legally.
Thank you in advance

Now, this is crazy. 

I am not sure what to think or so, because this is so very different than a lot of the cases we have seen. This is not 30 years in the past and she also took all the steps to get this addressed legally. For some reason, the authorities didn’t arrest the rapper. Here is Math Hoffa just last night.

There’s a lot going on in this video, but around the 40-minute mark he starts to address the allegation of Queen Kee Kee. I don’t think this is going anywhere. Just yesterday she posted her own 30-plus video and it was CHARGED. 

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