Did Matthew Knowles Just Reveal The Sex Of Beyonce’s Twins?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Soooooo it looks like Beyonce’s relationship with her father Matthew Knowles is still not completely back to what it used to be.

Queen Bey fired her longtime manager/father a few years back, and seemed to be very disgusted about him cheating on her mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, as well as having kids outside of their marriage.

According to the IB Times, Papa Knowles revealed that he found out Beyonce was pregnant like the rest of us. He says he didn’t even know until a friend of his text him and congratulated him!

“Let me tell you what happened. I got a first text, and I was like, ‘Why is this person saying congratulations?’ Then I get a second text from one of my students at Texas Southern, and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He was like, ‘Go to the web.’ I didn’t know myself,” Knowles explained.”

I guess the Queen Bey was scared that Matthew would be out selling the story like he was allegedly trying to sell that Destiny Child memorabilia. But that’s none of my business. LOL

Anyway, apparently Knowles got too excited with another interview with The Insider as he seemed to reveal the sex of Beyonce’s twins.

“And Blue Ivy is going to have some brothers and sisters. She is already excited,” said Knowles.

The interviewer responded with, “Does that mean Beyonce is having a boy and a girl?”

Matthew quickly responded saying that he didn’t know what the sexes of the babies were as he was just speaking in general. Hmmmmmm it sounds like he was just trying to save his face and just revealed all. LOL.

Beyonce’s relationship with her father can’t be that great right now if he had to find out his oldest daughter was pregnant via the internet. As great at Knowles was, I believe he was his own downfall.

Click HERE to watch the interview.

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