Rumors: Flavor Flav’s Baby, Summer Walker’s Shower, Meagan Good’s Bleach!

Flavor Flav is a new dad! Summer Walker hates showers! Meagan Good accused of skin bleaching!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Flavor Flav is a dad that happens to be 60. Flav, the hype man of Public Enemy, already has many kids, but this baby happens to be 2 months old. YEP. 60 – soon to be 61 – year old Flavor Flav put a baby in his assistant and a DNA test proved…

Now, from what I have heard, Flavor Flav is ailing health-wise. I am definitely praying for the brother, but this cannot be helpful. Now, the assistant Kate Gammell will is now the one asking for assistance from the employer Flav. Her assistance is coming from the courts though. She’s asking for child support immediately. 

I am more interested in what is Flavor Flav’s condition. I hope and pray all is well with him! He has some kind of ailment and it involves doctors! 

Summer Walker Doesn’t Like Showers!?

I thought it was bad to know that Taylor Swift doesn’t wash her pasty legs!! I mean, if you are in the shower, why not just wash…your whole body. Now, here some Summer Walker saying to Taylor, “Hold my beer.” Seems like Summer doesn’t like taking a shower at all. 

After she got roasted, she responded.

I have no further comment. Yes, I do. Bathing in your own dirt is still nasty! I’m done! 

MEAGAN BAD? Is Meagan Good Bleaching Her Skin?

I just don’t know what to say about this!! It just don’t look right! Say it ain’t so! Say something, Meagan Good!