Meek Mill Accused Of Abusive Outbursts Toward Nicki Minaj By Alleged Former Associate

Meek Mill

This isn’t the first time Meek Mill has been accused of abuse.

Meek Mill is facing renewed allegations that he was abusive on multiple occasions to his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj. According to a man named Dean, Meek’s alleged former associate, Meek Mill and Minaj would frequently engage in violent and explosive arguments.

He made the claim in a series of Instagram Live sessions over the weekend in which he detailed several tumultuous incidents between the former couple. Dean claims he witnessed Meek spit on Minaj with his own eyes at one point. He also detailed an incident where Meek allegedly locked Minaj out of the residence they were staying in following an argument.

“That n###a put her out in the woods,” he said. “We were out in Jersey somewhere in the woods. That n###a put her out the house, it’s dark and s##t. She cried right here (taps shoulder) am I lying Nicki?”

Minaj called Meek out with abuse claims of her own in 2020, which seems to corroborate Dean’s claims. Check out the post or the full details of the allegations below.