Meek Mill Art Bus Causes Wacko “Father” To Go Berserk!

Meek Mill And Crazy Father Bus Man

Wacko father protests Meek Mill’s new album art after it is posted on the side of a bus riding in the city.

Meek Mill could use a bit of controversy. The rapper has been known to get in a bit of trouble in his past (understatement), but has been living a pretty clean life recently. Nobody has gotten jumped, no rapper girlfriend and absolutely no jail situations!

So, we now have some controversy for the Philadelphia rapper. In promotion of his latest album, the rapper has plastered his album art all over buses in Philadelphia and other regions. And the artistic depiction of women cause in to question hip-hop culture’s infatuation with strippers, money and other vices.

From an artistic point of you, I never really had an issue with the album art. However, in the context of it riding around Philadelphia or other cities, it does seem a bit unnerving. Especially if you have kids. Now, this father, who happens to be white, is purely outraged at the visuals associated with the new album. And he took two social media to let loose all of his rage and anger. I know rage and anger can be considered the same thing, but he seems like he’s about to blow a gasket.

What he does is interesting. He starts out upset about the nudity and calls Black women to the fire about it. But then he spirals down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, the illuminati and Satanism. And that’s where the oatmeal gets really thick! I am not one to get into all of that now, because I think we have gone down that road numerous times in the past. But this man claims that Meek Mill is tied to higher forces that are leading people to EVIL. Uh…for the record: This is an original painting by the artist Nina Chanel Abney. A woman. Art.

The man also somehow feels that there is a connectivity between Meek Mill’s album art and vaccines, coronavirus initiatives and other things. And this is where he lost me! He commands people to takeoff their masks and think. Oops! I don’t think so buddy!

Wacko father protests Meek Mill's new album art after it is posted on the side of a bus riding in the city.

And to make matters worse he walks right past a confederate flag and doesn’t bat an eye! Now he may have been so outraged and consumed with Mick Mills naked women that he missed it, But I think it was there for him to see. And he didn’t have a problem with it! Or did he question I don’t think so! (FYI: I have no ideal if this dude has kids.)

What do you think about this?