Meek Mill Does Bunny Hops For Billionaire After Losing Bet?

Meek Mill out here doing a damn bunny hop…for what?!

I guess when you get to billionaire circles you have to do things a little bit differently. Meek Mill is a Philly bull that went from the very, very bottom to the tippy tippy top. And since getting out of jail on some trumped up charges, he has been successful in reestablishing himself as a productive member of society but also inserted himself in the billionaires club. That does not mean he is a billionaire himself, but just to see that he runs with them and that produces money in and of itself. So, when you see Meek doing bunny hops, we all collectively have been saying “what is going on?!” The guy that made “Dreams and Nightmares” is now doing bunny hops in front of white dudes?

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We are certainly not fully aware of the context of this event, but we can assume a few things. First, we can assume that Meek Mill is living his life to the fullest degree and enjoying it. Secondly, he is rolling with somebody that he is comfortable with enough to do bunny hops in front of AND they record it AND they upload it to the Internet as well. Personally, I am not comfortable with doing bunny hops in front of my mama and, if I did, she certainly wouldn’t be able to upload that to the Internet for all to see. So, Meek is in a different space. Thirdly, we can pretty much assume that the Philly legend lost a bet in a game of tennis or something and honored the bet by doing the bunny hops on tape.

Last year, Meek Mill dropped an EP that seemed to be well received by the fans of Hip-Hop. It didn’t shake the world up or anything but was a solid outing from one of our favorites. At this point it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the future for Meek Mill’s Hip-Hop brand. I see he is doing a lot of big business and even impacting the political landscape, which is good. He is no longer the young boy with the nappy braids that loc anymore. He’s a grown man and he’s actually Influencing younger artists on where their career path could lead them.

That said, I hope Meeky continues to do good things and stops doing bunny hops for a white men even if they are billionaires!