Looks Like Meek Mill Will Drop A New Album In 2019 And Help A Roc Nation Friend!

Meek Mill is about to win all over again with the addition of a new album in his catalog!

(AllHipHop Rumors) One thing I like is a Meek Mill album. The Philly bull is known to represent rap on just about every level and now he has even moved into social justice! What can’t Meek do? One thing we are now seeing that he plans to do is drop another album. Last night, he did his social media #AskMeek thing and one question echoed across the web. 

I don’t think it is false to say this is a proclamation, right?

He talked about a bunch of things, but I have to say that was all I cared about. 

Here is something I care about as well. I am hearing that Meek and the Roc Nation team are resolute in helping rapper Casanova beat some issues he has been facing recently. Remember over the summer, Cas was on of 5 artists that were banned from the Rolling Loud festival in New York City. Cas was set to make something like 20k for performing a few minutes in his hometown. He spent about half of that one clothing, transportation and security only to have the NYPD say he and others couldn’t perform! WTF?

He didn’t do any crime, but they consider his affiliations and influence over crowds as some kind of pre-crime. WELP! I am hearing that on the low, Roc Nation is going to bat for Cas in a major way to help him fend of the NYPD, which seemed to have successfully implemented a police state in the home of Hip-Hop. Cas is now indie, but managed by Roc Nation. I am feeling how they move even if some others do not.