Meek Mill Comments On Nicki Minaj’s Pregnancy

The ever-going petty saga of Nicki and Meek proves they are forever linked in our minds.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj had it all at one point. The one-time couple used to be the B-level celebrity romance (the hood Jay-Bey!) that a lot of people were tuned into even if they didn’t really understand how it occurred. These days, everything has changed and they are no longer an item, no longer friends. Meek and Nicki‘s husband Mr. Petty almost got into a fight earlier this year. It never ends. 

Now with the revelation that Nicki Minaj is pregnant or eyes are on her once again. The reason I’m writing this is because Meek made an emoji comment under another post that chided people for congratulating the rap queen on her pregnancy. This guy named Justin is apparently a celebrity influencer but he cracked a real funny when he made fun of Barbs that we’re sending their well wishes. And then came Meek Mill with his comments which really was the equivalent of laughter. Check out the comments below.

Will the real Mr. Petty please stand up!?!