Did Meek Mill Take A Shot At Chris Brown & Soulja Boy?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Meek Mill seems to have to always let his opinion be known, even if it’s through subliminal disses.

I swear the man always has an unsolicited opinion about something.

Anyway it looks like Meek Mill is seemingly weighing in on the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef by dissing both artists with a subliminal jab.

Meek took to his Snap Chat to post a clip that said,

“All these n-ggas joining gangs cuz they p-ssy and they need help.

Judging by all of their behavior as well as they “boxing” videos, all three need help in the ring and from a local psychologist.

Meek isn’t exactly the best person to speak on anything as he unfortunately is one of the members of the consistent “L” taking team.

However Meek Mill, isn’t the only one who seemed to allude to the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown situation with an indirect opinion.

Nick Cannon seemed to make a valid point when he said that these people and artists are joining gangs because they are insecure and because they lack guidance.

“When you come into money and fame at a very young age you feel like you have to prove something to the world. You feel like you gotta prove you are a man. You feel like you have to prove that you are a real n-gga. You hardcore,” said Nick.

He says that people go run with the wrong people and get all of these tats to try to “prove” that they are real men.

I don’t understand why they feel that that proves that that’s being a real man. It’s crazy for these entertainers [with this foolishness] especially since they’ve made it.

But if Meek Mill is going to make a statement he needs to put some names on these claims. Actually he needs to be quiet. LOL.