Meek Mill Upsets The Whole Social Media!

Meek Mill has everybody mad to the point where he is going back to “savage” mode!

Meek Mill is in trouble again? How does this happen to Meek? I am cringing because the Kobe Bryant stuff is totally taking on a life of itself. Just when you think Neek is able to handle it, it gets worse!

Meek Mill Says He Apologized To Vanessa Bryant For His Lyrics About Kobe Bryant

That some of you might’ve seen the initial report on AllHipHop that talks about Meek getting chastised by Kobe Bryant‘s lovely wife/widow Vanessa. But it didn’t stop there! Meek responded in a way that many so as inappropriate and insensitive, considering he wrote a lyric that really questioned everyone’s view of the rapper. Here’s what he said immediately after Vanessa Bryant criticized him:

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So why you wanna do that, bruh, huh?

So the Philadelphia Legend, not Kobe, decides to delete that message and add a new message that had a bit more sincerity to it. Still, people were on Meek Mill‘s neck I think as a condemnation in general. Here is exactly what he said:

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So, what do you think about all of this. I personally stand firm in my belief that social media is the demise of most artists. Most artist cannot tolerate a short spell of no-eyes-on-them and they always have to have people looking at their antics. I don’t know Meek Mill at all, but it seems to be the case here. He and Tekashi69 had an almost fight, But both of them had their expensive smart phones out while they were about to tussle. That screams of attention-hawking! I don’t even know what hawking means!

Anyway, comment below and let me know what you think!

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