Meek Mill Welcomed Gunna Home, Then Stopped Following Him

Meek Mill

Meek Mill welcomed Gunna home in 2022. In 2023, he’s stopped following the YSL member.

There is a boulder on a big hill and that boulder says “I don’t like Wunna.” Well, guys. Last month, Meek Mill tweeted support for Gunna coming home. He said:

The tweet may have been a big premature. First of all, it was deleted. Somebody probably told Meek of the nuance of the release. He didn’t quite snitch, but he did co-sign some stuff, as did another members of Young Thug’s YSL. It ain’t illegal to be in a gang! If so, cops all over the states would be under arrest instantly. But it does not help at all, especially when the gang in question is on trial for murder, robbery and witness intimidation.

Sorry, I got a bit deep in the woods. At the end of the day, Meek rescinded his support of Gunna. He went a step farther and unfollowed him on social media.

Easy come, easy go.

How will Gunna move back into society? I do not see that dude will be able to do that easily. Like I said before, he’s gunna have to have a ton of security and a fairly large best friend walking with him everywhere. Especially at awards shows and things of that nature.