Meek Mill’s Side Chick Is Telling It All!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well it looks like we just learned that there is still some trouble in paradise for Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill!

First rumors spread that Meek and Nicki broke up as Meek was allegedly cheating with a Philly boutique owner. Supposedly sources close to the couple said that the couple was in fact having trouble, but the boutique owner rumors were completely false. The insider, at the time, also claimed that the couple was still together.

Now it looks like Meek p##### off one of his side chicks as she is “telling it all”.

According to Meek’s side bae, she is p##### off because she was supposed to be Meek’s only side b-tch. She expresses that she is upset about the big booty Meek posted on his Instagram because it’s not her.

She goes on to say he allegedly gave her a timeline on how he and Nicki’s relationship was going to pan out. The woman claims the relationship is completely contrived so that both Nicki and Meek could make money off of it, and so that our favorite Barb doesn’t look like she needs Safaree.

The scorned woman felt it necessary to let it be known that Meek allegedly doesn’t pay his artists either. She claims that although Meek did a bit of pillow talking, the only thing she got out of it about Nicki was that she has an attitude.

This woman is definitely seeking attention and publicity as she wants to create speculation about who she is before finally revealing herself.

Well, she definitely claims that Meek was smashing as she says she met him at Aces NY over the summer, but Meek didn’t start hitting that until the fall.

Hmmmmmmmmm did you always think that Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill’s relationship was one big publicity stunt?

If you are going to have someone on the side, you can only f-ck with people that have something to lose, and even those situations can go left. LOL. In your opinion, what’s the benefit of having a side chick or a side dude?