Megan Thee Stallion Disses Tory Lanez At Coachella?

Megan Thee Stallion is on a rampage! She allegedly performed a new diss towards Tory Lanez!

What do we have here? It looks as if Megan Thee Stallion has recorded a diss track for her adversary Tory Lanez and performed it at Coachella.

At first, I thought this was just a regular song that she was performing dissing men generically. But the very beginning of the performance, she offers a very unique, “personal” monologue that seems to talk towards someone specifically. And that’s spiraled into the rumor that this is actually directed to Tory Lanez.

You know the deal, “She has accused him of shooting her and he denies that he shot her.” This ongoing saga is getting annoying as 5-year old juvenile delinquent. That said, she’s spiced it up allover again.

The song, which samples Jodeci and Wu-Tang Clan, does not seem to have a name yet, but it’s got the legs of a hit record already. She says a few things that I have really giving people the ammo to prove that it’s actually a diss song.

“D#ck don’t run me, I run d#ck”

“I’m the only reason that you got b#tches”

“You’s a b#tch”

“Ladies, love yourself cause’ this s### could get ugly / That’s why it’s f### n****s, get money. And I don’t give a f### if that n***a leave tonight, because n***a that dick don’t run me”

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What do you think?! And, I wonder if she will drop it?