Are Tory Lanez And Melii Working On A Joint Album?

Canada and Harlem may soon connect for an entire project! Melii and Tory Lanez!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tory Lanez has been relatively quiet, but I hear he is working on something. First of all, he’s been touring so he is not all that quiet, but he has been a media furor at all. On of the flip side, his cohort-in-crime Melii is doing quite a lot of media, including AllHipHop.

In the interview, she talks quite a lot about her relatively short impactful run in the music game, a bit about Meek Mill, Harlem and also Tory Lanez. Now, her career is being managed by Tory Lanez, creatively speaking. So, that led the interviewer to ask about them working together on a project together. 

And, the answer is…they are working on it! I am glad to hear, because both of them can rap and both of them can sing. They have balance! 

Here is the interview:

Do you think this will be something people will be into? I think so as long as they do a nice rollout. Personally, I say lead with another Tory project and jump right into this joint effort! BUT, I think it could also go the other way around…just drop it! 

Photo: Ebony Reece.