Method Man Quits Social Media After Photo Of His Wife Surfaces


Rapper Method Man has decided to quit social media after a photo of his wife surfaced online.

Meth took to Twitter to express the fact that he had lost faith in human decency, and he refuses to give into trolls.

The Wu-Tang Clan legend has been pretty protective and private with his family especially since his wife Tameka has been battling cancer. Although Method Man had to address Wendy Williams back in 2006 for making light of his wife’s health battle, he’s been rather successful at protecting his wife’s privacy up until today.

Celebrity entrepreneur Farrah Gray posted a photo on his blog of Method Man’s wife Tameka. Once Method Man caught wind on this, he took to Twitter to politely ask Gray to remove the photo.

After pleading to no avail, Meth decided to quit social media until further notice. He changed his profile pictures to anti-troll faces, and bowed out saying,

“I guess followers n likes are more important than tastefulness and decency… Smh. I’m done with social media until further notice. I’ve lost faith in human decency and I will not feed the trolls any longer. F-ck u all.”

Many celebrities get frustrated hoping that bloggers & paparazzi etc would draw the line somewhere. They feel that there is no respect for their privacy. Farrah Gray better watch out before Clifford Smith’s other side comes out.