Michael Rainey Jr. Catching The Heat Because Of Tariq

Tariq might have ruined Ghost’s life and Michael Rainey Jr’s as well.

Y’all gotta chill!

I know Power is our sh*t and we all consider Ghost to be like our big homie, but remember, these are just characters for a fictional tv show people. Insert shaking my head emoji.

After giving us six jaw-dropping seasons, our favorite show is now coming to an end. There are only two episodes left and we couldn’t be more saddened. Power has brought families together every Sunday to sit and indulge in all the drama accumulated over the last few years. I hope I’m not spoiling it for you, but if you’re a real Power fan, you should already know Ghost has been shot.

50 Cent teased us on Instagram with a “leaked video” of who we thought shot him, but turned out that was a lie. There’s also an episode floating around on Twitter that show Tariq as the killer, but who’s to say that’s the actual episode they’re going to air for the finale.

The internet has been going in on Michael Rainey Jr., who plays Tariq, because they think he shot his dad.

According to Rainey, he’s gotten 326 death threats. 

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 Y’all gotta let him live, literally!