Michael Rappaport Turns Into A Crying Karen After KD Flap

Michael Rappaport KD

Michael Rappaport is going out like an old Remy!

What a d#####.

Michael Rappaport sure is a weirdo. We used to like him KINDA, because he went so hard at Donald Trump, prior to the election. Now that the election is long gone and Trump is in the rearview for now, Michael Rappaport is still here. We, as a people, need to decide what we want to do with him.

As you know Michael Rappaport and Kevin Durant went viral because they had a beef, that was really rather private. In the DMs of Instagram these guys went back-and-forth, and Michael Rappaport says that the trash talk turned into threats. And KD was allegedly going to spit on him and said some sort of comment about Rappaport‘s wife. He then took those messages and made them public, and they included numerous things including a possibly homophobic statement. Anyway, this did not go well.

KD actually pulled up and Rappaport wanted no smoke whatsoever. The league, the NBA, ended up fining Durant $50,000 for the direct messages that were made public as well as his conduct. You don’t pull up on a white man like that! They call the cops! And now we have Michael Rappaport acting like a full blown Karen in the media. I would call him Akin but he just seems like a Karen.

When we were all trying to get Trump out of office it seem like Michael Rappaport might win his rights back to the barbecue, but I think he just messed up again. As summer comes into the fold Michael Rappaport and his wife can stay home. Will go walk your dog but keep walking past the barbecue.