Michael Jackson Wins BIG…Like Big Big!

Michael Jackson

MJ seems to keep winning, even from the grave.

They have tried over and over to tarnish the reputation of one Micheal Jackson. MJ s one of my favorite artists of all times and he holds the record for the greatest selling album of all time – THRILLER. F#ck the Eagles and their greatest hits. They keep trying to bring that up to unseat the true King of Pop.

Today, the accusers took yet another L.


A court in California has tossed out his sexual abuse lawsuit, but he’s already looking for an appeal. MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures Monday came through with the win as a judge again dismissed Robson’s sexual abuse lawsuit. This is something that Robson has continued to push. He refiled the suit in 2020, only to get bad news today.

The judge said that there was no way for them to control how MJ acting around the kids nor should the bear the fiscal burden from something that happened in the 1990s. These guys have been trying to get to the money for a number of years and failed. They also pushed out that documentary to sway the sea of bad fortune in their favor. It did not work.

The Jackson family really celebrated, especially Taj Jackson who’s been the mouthpiece for the family. I ain’t mad at them. This defamation of their family name has to SUCK!

MJ is probably in heaven hurt, but he may be…