Mickey Factz Fires Back At Royce Da 5′ 9″ With “Wraith”!

Mickey Factz Disses Royce Da 5' 9"

Lupe and Royce. Now, Mickey Factz takes his shot at the Detroit Goat. Will this illicit a response?

Mickey Factz.

Mickey Factz has dropped a bomb on Royce da 5′ 9″. These one time friends, have turned into rivals. Reminds me of that song when your idols become arrivals. At any rate, this is formidable and should elicit some kind of response from Royce. Will Royce come back with a song? I doubt it. He does not seem to feel these guys are worthy of a response and has justified it with some stuff about “checking the boxes.” From a Hip-Hop point of view, and based on the fact that both Mick and Royce have done songs together, I can’t wait to see the rationale behind it. Still, I don’t see Royce reply. I hope he does, in the name of the sport of Hip-Hop. Before I continue, give this your ear. Listen carefully like Royce’s “Silence of the Lambda.”

No I’m not about to transcribe what Mickey said in the song, but I will paraphrase. First of all he calls Royce a hypocrite, a talker, and says he skipped the beef with RJ Payne for greener pastures with Lupe. Then that got hot…and then he went over to Mickey. The interesting part is that when he put it on Instagram a lot of rappers waiting weighed in and give their opinions or flame emojis.

Well, if you have not heard it, listen up.

Lupe and Mickey talk…

And then Royce comes with some cryptic talk.

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On Twitter, Royce addressed it…kinda…

Maybe Royce is referring to “Malcolm X,” his incredible diss of D12 and 50 Cent.