Migos’ Offset Allegedly Charged Cardi B How Much For A Feature?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! Is there trouble in paradise?

Word on the curb is that Cardi B and Migos member Offset are no longer an item!

Butttttttttt guess why?!? Rumor has it that the breakup wasn’t over women. It allegedly was over MONEY!

According to a source close to the situation,

“Offset wanted to get paid for his feature, and she was playing games with that bag.”

I mean I could see how it would clearly be desirable for everyone to get paid, but Offset may have lost his mind with his alleged asking price of $250k.

I know Migos have heated up even more as they’ve had an incredibly successful year, but there is no way that’s what any of their members are asking for a feature, or are they? And how could you ask your girlfriend to pay that much for a feature? Issa lie!

Now I’m curious to know what Drake and Future are asking for features.

It sounds like Offset is trying to get some backpay for the feature he did on Cardi’s “Lick”. Idk. It’s all a mess. How often does mixing business and pleasure work anyway. Carry on

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