R&B Singer Miguel Does A Weird, Twisted Move To Go Viral


Miguel is not your average singer. He has made a new video that shows the lengths he’ll go to push his new music.

Miguel has been quietly cooking up the follow-up to his 2017 groove, ‘War & Leisure.’ Spring sprung some fresh vibes from the R&B maestro, dropping the jam “Give It To Me.” And just a hot minute back, he pulled up with “Number 9” featuring Lil Yachty. But that ain’t the end of the story, folks. Recently, he slid into the scene with Jessie Reyez, tag-teaming on “Jeans.”

Fast forward to last week – Miguel, the man behind the soon-to-drop masterpiece called ‘Viscera,’ hosted an ultra-exclusive soirée dubbed “The Viscera Experience” at Sony Pictures Studios in LA. What went down? Well, brace yourselves. Mickey served up some unreleased tracks straight from his next album, but there was a catch that has since gone viral.

Here’s the twist – in the midst of belting out “Rope” this dude Miguel was on some supernatural ish. He was suspended midair like some otherworldly being BY HIS SKIN. Yuck! This is quite a disturbing sight for me, at a least. He was looking like a mini Hellraiser. Rock artists have been on this in the past, but R&B and rap? Not so much.

On social media (Twitter and IG), he talked about where his head is at.

“Warming up thinking about life. Feel like all the work I’ve done in the last five years been leading up to this Friday and Saturday . I want you there if you can be. What is your relationship to change ? I’ll be exploring the violent and beautiful nature of change LIVE tonight with never before seen or heard performance art.”

So there you have it. Miguel is dropping music and art, all wrapped up into one big sonic universe.