Mike Tyson Beats Man Up After Being Harassed

Mike Tyson is not to be played with and some dude found out the hard way after reportedly harassing the champ on a cross-country flight.

Mike Tyson is not to be played with. That’s the number one rule with the champ. I’m not sure, but some guy on a plane apparently didn’t know the rule.

Mike Tyson is one of the most feared and heralded boxers ever to race the sport. And he is primarily known for his knockout power and his dynamic, explosive style of fighting.

This reputation has carried with him throughout his life.

In the year 2022, some fool on a flight out of San Francisco to Florida, thought it was a good idea to provoke Mike.

According to TMZ, a man decided to repeatedly harass Mike Tyson on a flight. At first it was cool, according to witnesses. Mike even took a selfie. However, the man continued to provoke and harass Mike. Part of the interaction is captured on video by TMZ sports. The actual fracas is not on tape.

The only thing that is recorded is the aftermath, where the man appears to have blood dripping from his pathetic face. Mike walked off of the plane shortly after the alleged assault.

This man has already gone to police after receiving medical attention.

I can see this may result in some sort of a legal problem with Mike Tyson, but I don’t see it as anything lawyers cannot handle. As seen in the video, he was acting a damn fool towards Mike Tyson, who was minding his business. Furthermore, sources are saying that the man was actually drunk and just kept messing around!

In the words of The Joker: “You get what you deserve!“